Research & Development Centre

HLL’s corporate R&D Centre is focussed to carry out multi-disciplinary research and development aimed at creating scientific knowledge for new technology development and value addition of existing technologies in the healthcare field.

Our strategy focuses on

  • Development of affordable medical devices in the area of reproductive health
  • Development of new drug formulations for existing and newer drug substances, mainly in the area of reproductive health.
  • Improving process for existing API and formulation products
  • Biopolymer based research

Through the interchange of creative, imaginative people, a global Research and Development (R&D) centre, that encourages collaboration and cooperation among highly reputed research centres in the country; and as a strong commitment to ongoing investment, we have put R&D at the centre of everything we do.
We accomplish this integration by forming multi-disciplinary teams that work cohesively, monitoring projects continuously and proactively addressing and resolving critical issues.

We offer integrated services for development of new chemical entities, medical devices, Generic products, Novel products, Medical devices and Diagnostic kits. We have 5 core divisions in HLL R & D centre which offers services that includes NCE, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical Formulation Development, Natural Products and Diagnostic. The details of services offered by each division are detailed below.

New Chemical Entity

Chemical ResearchOur philosophy in the Synthetic Organic Chemistry Laboratory is to provide the best possible solutions, through the study on organic synthesis, abilities to (1) understand one another’s research need, (2) make independent, logical research plans, and (3) consider and evaluate obtained results accurately to achieve the need. We accept exclusive and confidential research projects for the development of New Chemical Entity (NCE) and process development for existing drug molecules. We are well experienced in providing medicinal chemistry, multi-step synthetic organic chemistry, heterocyclic, and achiral synthesis. Our broad service offering leverages our innovative synthetic chemistry expertise to support the custom research requirements of our international business partners.

Our Strengths
  • Custom Synthesis of Organic Molecules
  • Synthesis of library of compounds for Structure Activity Relationship Studies to discover new molecular entities and optimize lead compounds
  • Collaborative projects to discover new molecular entities designed for specific pharmacological functions
  • Optimization of Synthetic Procedures for generic achiral drugs
  • Design and Synthesis of New Molecular Entities
  • Precision polymer synthesis (Controlled radical/enzymatic/anionic/free-radical Polymerization as well as polycondensation)
  • Microstructure characterization of polymers using wide range of analytical techniques (e.g. NMR, GPC, DSC, TGA, UTM, MALDI-TOF etc.).
  • Target based drug design
  • Structure based drug design
  • Bio-isosteric approach

Medical Devices

Chemical ResearchThe core function of the Medical device division is to accelerate interdisciplinary medical device research and development. This division focuses on the development of products like implants, drug delivery systems, nanomaterials, prophylactics etc.

Our Strengths
  • Developing different devices as per regulatory requirements which includes
    • Implants
    • Drug delivery device
    • Biopolymer based devices
    • Nanotechnology based devices
  • Developing products based on  Biomaterials
  • Developing products for  wound care management
  • Developing products as prophylactics
  • Developing products for Hygiene Applications
  • Support researchers for their project work

Pharmaceutical Formulation

Chemical ResearchPharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Division focuses on development of NCE formulations, Generic formulations, novel products with an objective to introduce better patient compliance. Pharma Division has the state of art infrastructure to develop various dosage forms.

We work on our development strategy based on in-depth study of patents, scientific literature, critical quality attributes (CQA) and quality target product profiles (QTPP) of the respective drug delivery system.

Our Strengths
  • Developing different dosage forms as per regulatory requirements which includes
    • Tablets -Immediate release, Modified release, Orally Disintegrating, Bilayer tablet, Chewable tablet, Sublingual peptide tablet
    • Capsules – Powders, Pellets
    • Semisolids – Gels, Cream
    • Oral fast dissolving film
    • Microsphere based products
    • Nanotechnology based products
    • Drug  releasing Intrauterine system
    • Vaginal ring
  • Provide extensive pre-formulation studies, formulation development, analytical method development and validation, stability studies as per ICH guidelines which fullfill regulatory requirements of targeted markets, possess attributes sought after by medical practitioners and customers.
  • Develop unstable products into stable products using modern techniques.
  • Develop products for proof of concept study and Toxicological study.
  • Develop analytical method
  • Support development of products from proof of concept, toxicology, formulation and clinical study.
  • Support researcher for their project work.

Natural Products

Chemical ResearchThe natural products division is capable of developing new herbal formulations for various ailments including vaginal candidiasis, uterine disorders, PCOS, Sexually Transmitting Infections (STIs) like HIV/AIDS etc.

Our Strengths
  • Herbal product development in all forms of formulation such as liquids, creams, powders, tablets, and capsules.
  • Development of quality control methods for herbal drugs through HPLC standardization of Marker/standard compounds in Raw Materials & Finished products
  • Isolation of phytochemical standards/markers from Indian medicinal plants on demand basis at competitive price
  • Process and technology development for extraction of phytoconstituents and bio-activity guided isolation of active constituents
  • Establishing the scientific/clinical proof for herbal products
  • Support researcher for their project work on contract/payment basis


Chemical ResearchThe Diagnostic division offers a comprehensive menu covering application in Molecular biology, Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics. The division is concerned with early and accurate detection of a medical condition, which can lead to effective medical treatment.

Our Strengths
  • Development of In-Vitro diagnostics development and testing.
  • Developing and validating any kind of Rapid Test kits in Immunochromatogrphic format.
  • Developing and validating any ELISA based kits.
  • Developing and validating    molecular diagnostics (PCR based).
  • Quality assurance testing of the in-vitro diagnostic kits.
  • Support researchers for their project work.